Saturday, 19 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review -Week Ending: 17th of May

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  17th of May
Communication, Language and Literacy
This week we learned about the sea and the sand.

We also talked about our family members and how we love our families.
In literacy, the children have learned about the letter w and the sound it makes “w”. We also identified some words that start with the letter (web, water, watermelon , wall , window , whale , wave ).
We also learned the Jolly Phonic song for the new letter.

Physical Development
1) We continued to encourage fine motor skills by teaching the children to cut and glue accurately.
2) During the PE lesson,  we played a game of two regions where each region should have less balls by rolling the balls to the other side. Apart from developing cooperation, this activity also improves awareness of more and fewer’; relating to our theme by using beach balls.
3) Children used sponges with cloth tweezers for painting in order to improve their grip.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Children developed presentation skills by  talking about what they do at the beach. They also created sand castles during Circle Time with each other to improve their group working skills.
We introduced the crescent shape, number 13 and gold colour.
1) Children did a sheet of spotting number 13
2) They created a watermelon which had 13 black seeds and a crescent- shape green slices (watermelon is also a beach food )
Expressive Art and Design
The children created lanterns using gold glitter to celebrate Ramadan .
Understanding of the World

This week, we talked about the holy month of Ramadan .

Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letter V , Y
  • The sound the letter v , y makes
Number 14

Miss Cristiana  -

Miss Yasmine-

Friday, 18 May 2018

Funny Fish Class, Week Ending 17th of May 2018

Funny Fish

Reviewing letters and learning about Egypt and the pyramids         

Recognizing our names

Since we have been tlaking about Egypt, we have coloured the Egyptian flag


Happy birthday, Dalida! You looked adorable!

Learning about the letter Ww and its formation

Learning about number 13 and its formation

Garden time!

Arabic lesson 1

Working on number 13, Ramadan laterns and letter W



Group photos !! Don't we look adorable!

Arabic lesson 2

Worksheet about the letter W

Painting watermelons ( for letter W)

Learning about the crescent shape 

Couting the days in this month

Learning words that start with the letter W

Colouring words that start with W

PE Lesson

We love our Ramadan lanterns!

Moaz's birthday party!

Yassin, you are the star of this week! Well done!

Happy birthday , dear Moaz!